OC Foodie Tour

Self-Guided Foodie & Fun Tour

Explore OC's impressive local restaurant and bar scene at your own pace, time & day. Discover OC's history, culture and fascinating facts about this coastal gem of a town and the families who settled here.

Go at your own pace. Tours take as little as 3 hours but it could take 6 hours and be broken into 2 or 3 days if preferred.

Benefits of a self-guided tour

  • Available anytime all day 7 days a week
  • Freedom to go at your own time and pace
  • Only pay restaurants for what you order (no middleman)
  • Save money, one download covers the whole group (any size)
  • Take your time, break up into two or more days
  • Space is always available, no need to worry about selling out or running late
  • Exclusive to your group only

What you get on a self-guided tour

  • A map to help you find your way
  • A self-guided itinerary for experiencing culinary delights at multiple locations
  • Audio guide if you prefer listening over reading
  • Videos: Interviews with chefs/owners
  • Photos of recommend signature dishes
  • Suggestions for what to order and how to avoid crowds
  • History and fun facts about the area
  • A glimpse into local culture, visual arts, performing arts and architecture
  • Back stories about the family-owned restaurants/chefs and signature dishes
  • Recommendations for many other (not eating) activities available in the area